To ensure that we are getting the best outcomes for the people of South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, Yorkshire Cancer Research has commissioned an external evaluation of the QUIT Programme.

This will seek feedback from patients, hospital staff and wider partners, as well as looking at how many people have benefited from the support and treatment offered to quit smoking. It will help us to continually improve the QUIT Programme and help others looking to set up similar programmes.

The evaluation is being undertaken over 2-3 years by ScHARR, one of the largest multidisciplinary Health Services Research groups in the UK. Established in 1994 as a Research Centre for the University of Sheffield, ScHARR has a reputation for delivering research that directly informs policy and practice both nationally and internationally, for the Department of Health, NICE, NIHR, the pharmaceutical industry and a wide range of other commissioners.


A team at the University of Sheffield is evaluating the QUIT Programme. We want to talk to you if you have been offered the programme and used it, or not used it. Would you tell us what you think about the QUIT Programme at an online patient workshop? You will receive a £10 shopping voucher if you take part.

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