The QUIT Programme is being implemented in eight NHS Trusts across South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw and successful outcomes depend on every member of staff getting involved.

Listen to the introductory video to get an overview of the Programme:

Treating tobacco addiction in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw

We understand that many colleagues will not have had much training before on smoking and how to treat tobacco addiction, so may not feel very confident talking to patients about what treatments are available.

That’s why we have developed a range of training materials to help you understand more about the QUIT Programme and the new treatment pathways.

Also look out for your Trust’s QUIT protocols and guidelines and local training that your Healthy Hospital Managers will be arranging.

The boxes on the left below provide an overview of each of the materials. Click on the right hand box to open the materials.

E-learning Module One: What is QUIT and why are we doing it?

An e-learning module for all clinical staff. By the end of the modules you will know about:

  • The different elements of the QUIT Programme
  • Why we are implementing the QUIT Programme in all our hospitals
  • About nicotine addiction and smoking as a disease
  • The huge impact we can have on the health of people in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw by reducing harm from tobacco
  • How to give very brief interventions

Length of module: 25 mins

E-Learning Module Two: QUIT inpatient treatment pathways

These modules are for all clinical staff working on wards. They explain the QUIT treatment pathways for inpatients. By the end of the modules:

  • Have heard a senior colleague in your Trust explain why QUIT is so important for your Trust
  • Understand the inpatient QUIT treatment pathway
  • Have confidence in talking to patients about treating their tobacco addiction
  • Know what the Trust based Tobacco Treatment advisors do

Length of module: 25 min

E-Learning Module Three: Measuring and interpretation of exhaled carbon monoxide

Exhaled carbon monoxide monitoring is a key motivational tool in the treatment of tobacco addition. Due to Covid-19 the taking of exhaled carbon monoxide levels is paused. This module will be added at a later date.

E-Learning Module Four: Tobacco addiction pharmacotherapy

For all clinical staff who will be initiating or prescribing NRT and other tobacco addiction medication each Trust has developed its own set of PowerPoint slides reflecting local prescribing protocols.

Please see the clinical guidance and educational resources folder in the Resources section

  • Treating Tobacco Addiction: Medication Fact Sheets
  • Dementia friendly patient medication information cards

Vaping questions and answers

A set of PowerPoint slides for all clinical staff that provides information to help you to answer patients' questions about vaping.


View the Vaping Q&A


CO Monitoring Training for the QUIT Programme

Service Specification for the embedding of tobacco treatment in secondary care Trusts

View the CO Monitoring Training

Smoke free sites

A short animation for all staff giving hints on how to talk to people about smoke free sites.

Thank you to Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for sharing their film.

All of our Trusts are Smoke Free. Check your local Trust Policy to see whether vaping is permitted on your site.

Length of film: 3 mins

Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 17.18.15.png

Watch the Smoke Free Zone animation on YouTube